Sisterly Adventures – (a series) Pt 3

Sisterly Adventures – (a series) Pt 3

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Because we’d basically missed two of our four days due to weather, I’d adjusted our itinerary to make up for lost time.  My sister wanted less sightseeing and more shopping than I would normally do while in Hong Kong, but I was happy to accommodate.  We had our comfortable shoes on and were ready for a whirlwind of shopping and sightseeing, all while trying to deal with jet lag and one or both of us not feeling that great!  YAY for travel adventures!

Markets do not open till around 11 AM, so I took her off to Pacific Place to grab some coffee and breakfast and hit up an ATM.

One of my favorite spaces in Hong Kong


From there we just wandered along the streets enjoying the skyscrapers and grabbing a quick picture of her in front of her favorite car dealership! Seriously, she loves Audi more than any thing on the planet she can spot one MILES away!

We took a stroll down Flower Market street.  I am always amazed at some of the incredible plants that are there.  Plus they had these adorable miniatures to create small little fairy gardens!

Miniatures for the garden


A couple of streets over is the Bird Market.  My mind instantly flashed back to one of my first weeks in Hong Kong years ago when this was the field trip of the day.  I love how so many little old men just carried their birds down to the market in their cages and chatted amongst themselves like other cultures might at a coffee house. So cute!

Sadly blurry…but I just love this photo


We finally made our way to the Ladies market which is essentially a whole street of independent stores and vendors selling everything from name brand clothing (both real and knock offs) to shoes to housewares.  My sister had some clothing shopping to do and just wandered a bit taking in some of the sights and sounds I miss when I am gone.

Market wares


I made sure to include  Tim Ho Wan – Hong Kong’s famous Michelin-starred Dim Sum.  There are a lot of other amazing Dim Sum places I enjoy in Hong Kong but I really wanted Gofa to experience the amazingness that is the Pork Bun at Tim Ho Wan.

The BEST pork bun on the planet


We also went to the Jade Market, the Temple Street Night Market, and various and sundry other little places…Hong Kong is a street vendor and dedicated shopper’s paradise!

We ended both nights with the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights I seriously could go every single night and never get bored.

In two days we took in a TON of the city.  We walked till we couldn’t walk any more, then we rode the Star Ferry and the MTR or popped into a shop for coffee or juice or something delicious to eat. We were hot, tired, and jet lagged and it was a whirlwind of a trip, but we accomplished all we wanted to and more! The best part was I made some sweet memories with my sister that I will cherish forever!

Even though our time was short we were on the long journey home and it was time to go again.  We said goodbye to Hong Kong as we ferried across the water one last time – I love the Star Ferry so much.  We took the train out to the airport, got through security, and headed off to the Wing which is one of my favorite airport lounges in the world.  We toasted to a fun trip and promised each other we’d do it again. Sisterly adventures are the greatest!


Next up…The Botswana adventure series…when we finally get home and our friends come to visit! Stay tuned!




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