Sisterly Adventures (a series) – Pt 2

Sisterly Adventures (a series) – Pt 2

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Hong Kong

I’ve mentioned before that I used to live in Hong Kong, and last year I was finally able to make my way back to this glorious city on a quick 36 hour trip with my friend Andy.  This trip was even more exciting for me as this was the first time I’d ever taken a family member and I was super excited to show her around.

We were both pretty well rested after landing since we were able to sleep most of the flight.  We grabbed our bags (we had more than we normally would on a trip since we were in the process of moving her back home.  This made for adventures in getting all the luggage in the Tesla Uber!  Our driver was AMAZED at our car packing skills. Little did he know this was not our first time.

The 3 big bags (not pictured two roll-ons & backpacks)
We were booked at the Rosedale Kowloon.  We were arriving two full days after our scheduled arrival time, however, had done a great job of communicating with the hotel itself and they were expecting us.  We made our way to a tiny room – all rooms in Hong Kong are tiny so this was not a big deal to us, especially as we were not planning on staying in the room much anyway.

Rosedale Kowloon, Hong Kong, Cultural concierge, Keith Haring, Hotel, Kowloon
Keith Haring artwork in the lobby

Because it was already late we made an executive decision to crash for the night, eat from our supply of snacks (we never leave home without a good stash), and start bright and early the next day!  Stay tuned for our whirlwind Hong Kong adventures….


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