Due to her international background, growing up in Kenya, Africa, living and working in Hong Kong, and having traveled and worked throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, India, China and Western Europe, Amanda has an ingrained love of travel and cultures. As a Third Culture Kid and a Global Nomad her passion for people and cultures have given her a unique perspective on global competencies, cross-cultural nuances, and training internationally. Her primary focus is on changing lives both professionally and personally by helping cultures connect and understand one another. Amanda is a certified trainer and facilitator of the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) as well as a dynamic speaker, coach and global programs expert. When she is not finding new adventures by spending weekends in Paris, riding elephants in Thailand, or listening to lions roar on safari in Africa - Amanda can be found in Dallas, Texas, blogging, spending time with her friends, working on her culinary skills, and planning her next adventure.


With almost two decades of experience in international program management, development of customized destination orientation programs, forming and leading multicultural and virtual teams, and facilitating cross-cultural training for private ventures and non-profit teams Amanda Workman launched the Cultural Concierge in 2013 to help companies find innovative approaches to meeting their global needs. The Cultural Concierge is focused on collaborating with companies to facilitate:

.Global leadership training
.International program development
.Customized team diversity training